A new world


When you’re almost two, the world is still very new and every day has countless of new experiences. You’re excited and you want to run around and experience almost everything, except for sitting still for photographs for your mom and dad.

For this adventure we went to Botanica, the Wichita Gardens, for some family pictures. Instead it turned into an autobiography of what it’s like to live with an almost two year old. It was, actually, really amazing and refreshing. It’s always great to see the excitement in a child’s face, much to the chagrin of the parent. The pictures didn’t go as planned but they were natural and captured what life is like with a curious toddler. They were such an amazing and lovely family and it all still turned out very nice. I’d like to think so anyway. Plus, these are always my most favorite photographs, capturing the real moments when they don’t go as planned. Staged photos are great and all but it’s always even better to see the candid shots.


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